This Thanksgiving I feast on Gratitude

 This Thanksgiving, I fast on feeling disheartened about the troubles in our world and feast on gratitude. I thank role models like my Brother-in-law Joe and Sister-in-law Marcia, who inspired me to give back and serve in my community.  

My brother-in-law Joe grew up in a large family, and even as a young person, his pay went into the family coffers. He was very bright, but he did not have the resources when it came time to go to college. His mother said he needed to go to college to be an example for his younger siblings. At the last minute, an uncle came forward and gave him $500. His Uncle's generosity changed his life! Joe pursued his dream, eventually earning a Ph.D. and his brothers and sisters also went on to earn graduate degrees. Joe had a successful career in New York, but he did not forget his humble origins, donating his time and money to local causes. After Joe passed away, his family created a scholarship for minority students in his name. I am grateful for the incredible role models they both have been as parents, as grandparents, and as engaged citizens. This Thanksgiving, I fast on the hurt and pain in the world and feast on kindness and generosity.


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