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Creating Space to Relax

  "Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax." Mark Black I randomly stumbled upon My New Year's resolution for 2024 while cleaning our basement storage room that had accumulated stuff for far too long. I decided to expand the concept of cleaning my life's small corners to create space, not just physical space. Who doesn't need more space in their lives? Space to explore, space to be, space to accept. Space means simplicity. Space means to honor essentials. And then, while cleaning my junk room, I identified the most crucial space to preserve—the space to relax.  And just like that, I knew I wanted to turn our junk room into a serenity spa where I could relax after a hectic day and let go of my worries and concerns. Learning to relax will take some practice in my chaotic hustle and bustle life, but I am up for the challenge. What space do you want to create in your life?

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