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Each Day is a Celebration

  "We are only dancing on this earth for a short while." ~Cat Stevens I recently celebrated my 39th 😜 birthday exactly how I wanted to: hiking in the Smoky Mountains with my family, sharing meals, relaxing, and laughing. I am grateful I have made it thus far, triumphing over self-imposed limitations, fears, hurts and disappointments, and losses. I am living my truest, most beautiful life without asking for permission or offering explanations. Getting older has helped me be more comfortable in my skin. I no longer have to pretend I like things I don't or apologize for being me. I have won and lost battles, learned from my mistakes, and kept marching on my terms. As a result, I love more freely, dance out of my comfort zone with passion and verve, and carry a lot of joy in my heart, knowing each day is worth celebrating. 

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