“Anticipation of pleasure, is in itself, a very considerable pleasure.” David Hume

As a young child, anticipating my grandparents' visit on Christmas was more thrilling than Christmas itself. I would get so excited about their impending arrival that I could barely contain myself. Opening their homemade gifts was a very fun thing to do, but the moment just before opening the presents was even better. Many times in my life, getting ready for the event has been more fun than the event itself. You might call me an anticipation enthusiast, loving the ineffable thrill that ignites the imagination and kindles a fire within. Anticipation is like the threads of a tapestry woven with hope, curiosity, and excitement.

At its core, anticipation is a gateway to possibility. It's an ode to optimism, an embrace of the unknown, and a celebration of life's mysteries. The joy of anticipation, with its magical essence, reminds us that the beauty of life often resides not just in its culmination but in the sweet, tantalizing dance of anticipation itself. 


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