Enjoy the Journey up the Mountain


On Mother's Day, I enjoyed the astounding beauty at Yosemite National Park with my family while doing a seven-hour rigorous hike to the upper falls. As we hiked, I thought about my mom, who raised six children while doing the cooking, cleaning, and accounting for their hotels and restaurants. She taught me that the most challenging mountain to climb is the one within and to keep moving upward even when my feet hurt, and my heart is heavy. Next, I thought about my paternal grandmother, who raised nine children on a farm in rural northern Wisconsin with no money, no running water, or electricity. She showed me that I am resilient and can do hard things. Finally, I thought about my maternal grandmother, who survived the depression by making clothing out of flour sacks and canning vegetables and fish so they would have food for the winter. She taught me to be resourceful and conquer challenges with self-compassion, love, and fearlessness.

Each day feels like climbing a mountain filled with ups and downs. On Memorial Day, I am grateful for those who have blazed the trail, showing me how to overcome hardships, heartaches, and tragedies. Thinking of them reminds me to be brave, have courage, and enjoy the journey.   


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