Dynamic Duo


Tracy and Scott met several years ago on a Vista Queen boat cruise on the Duluth Harbor. It was a get-together for people working in the hospitality industry. They danced to a couple of songs, and then Tracy left with a group to go downtown. She would learn much later that Scott went home and told his roommate he had met the woman he wanted to marry. He tried to find her to ask her out for over a year but did not know how to reach her (they didn't have access to the internet back then).  

Eventually, Tracy moved to Minneapolis and applied for a job at the Holiday Inn Metrodome. Scott had since moved from Duluth and was working as the General Manager there. When Tracy showed up at his office for the interview, he was delighted. So, if you haven't guessed, she got the job. 

 As the baseball season heated up, Scott got transferred to a different hotel. Always the professional, he did not ask Tracy out until he was no longer her boss. Their first date was the Twins Playoff game. The Twins won the World Series that year, and Scott and Tracy got married. This dynamic duo has been going strong ever since, and they have always enjoyed working together. Recently they paired up in the real estate[/mortgage] industry – Tracy as a Realtor and Scott as a Mortgage Lender. They are excited about this chapter of their story and look forward to continuing this partnership to help other families build their dreams together. 



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