Stretching Beyond My Fears


Legend has it Picasso was sitting in a Paris Cafe, doodling on a used napkin. A woman sitting nearby took note and asked him if she could buy the napkin. Picasso agreed if she was willing to pay a large sum of money. In disbelief, the woman commented, "You drew that in a few minutes!"

"No, ma'am," Picasso said, "it took me over forty years to draw that." 

Many of our skills come with trying, failing, reflecting, adjusting, and trying again. For example, when I started doing Yoga almost thirty years ago, I would get easily frustrated. But with practice, poses that were once impossible became possible. 

 A few years ago, it became clear that I needed to make a career change. I always wanted to work in real estate, but I had an intense fear of rejection. During the pandemic, I self-reflected and decided it was time to take the plunge and not let my fear stop me from having my dream job. My real estate exam got canceled four times because of Covid, so I drove five hundred miles to Fargo, North Dakota, to take it. With unwavering determination, I passed. Then, calling on my superpower, True Grit, I was ready to face my next nemesis: fear. 

To succeed as a realtor, I had to put myself out there. Rejection greeted me frequently as it simply came with the job. However, I overcame the pain and shame that rejection brings by making it a game. I tried to get rejected at least once a day for thirty days so I would have the experience of it. Instead of running when I felt the slightest tinge of rejection, I accepted it as a way to learn and grow.   

Like Picasso, many of us have developed experiences and skills over a lifetime. Being a business owner, Sales and Marketing Director, and Writer have prepared me to be a successful realtor. Once I overcame my fear of rejection, the rest came easy. I love my job and have grown beyond my wildest imagination. I receive a tremendous amount of joy from helping others. My clients have become a part of my family. With a mixture of professionalism and kindness, I fiercely negotiate to close the deal on their behalf. I am proud of all the houses I helped buy and sell in 2021 and am excited to exceed my 2022 goals. Here's to a fantastic New Year! 


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