New Opportunities Show Up Daily


The day after I graduated from college, my friend Jane and I headed west to California.

We got jobs as waitresses at the Hotel Del Coronado. Our Midwestern work ethic stood out.

My manager wanted to clone me, and the other waitresses wanted to send me back to

northern Wisconsin. 

I waited on several celebrities, including Bruce Willis, who invited me to a party he hosted at the hotel.

I have always regretted not going, but I lacked self-confidence.

I wonder how many other opportunities I passed up because of my limiting self-doubt. 

For years I believed that there was a finite number of opportunities. However, I have since

learned that the world changes every minute, and new opportunities show up daily.

If you missed the last one, another is just around the corner. Believing in yourself is one of the

most important steps to learning how to identify and embrace opportunities.

They rarely happen while in our comfort zone. Having the confidence to engage

with new people and situations and try new things opens the door to possibilities

beyond our wildest imagination. 

Do not wait for the right opportunity. Create them. 


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