Looks Like a Line, but Feels Like a Circle


This month we welcomed our first grandson, Louis Scott Uttley, into the world, our family, and our hearts. This little guy has awakened a part of me, dreaming of possibilities, wonderment, and hope. Louis is the 230th descendant of my Grandparents! They would be astonished if they knew the hardships they overcame paved the way for their family to grow and prosper abundantly. 

When my Grandfather, John, was a young boy, he and his family boarded a ship from Hungary to sail to America; however, his sister, Iona, was not allowed because of an eye condition. So my Great Grandparents sent her off to find her aunt's house. On their journey, they received a telegram that Iona was missing. My Great Grandmother became so distraught she had a heart attack and died. She was buried at sea. My Great Grandfather and my Grandfather arrived at Ellis Island sad and heartbroken. 

Eventually, my Great Grandfather met and married Mary.  When my Grandfather turned 18, Mary sent for her daughter (who she had left in Hungary) to come to America to marry my Grandfather. They married, lived on a farm in rural northern Wisconsin, and had nine children! 

I have learned vicariously through the stories of my ancestors, sharing in their joys and heartaches. Each struggle they overcame helped me to reach a new world of understanding of them and myself. I am excited to watch Louis's story unfold.


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